thespicemustflow-de ist eine Homepage, die in der Vergangenheit in Betrieb war. Wurde dann aber von den Besitzern leider geschlossen wurde. Weshalb die Internetseite geschlossen wurde, ist uns bedauerlicherweise nicht bekannt. Normalerweise könnte es daran liegen, dass die Besitzer überhaupt keine Zeit, Interesse oder Ressourcen hatten, um die Netzseite weiter zu führen.

Die Adresse thespicemustflow-de wurde in der Vergangenheit gekündigt. Kurze Zeit hiernach ist die Adresse verfügbar geworden. Ab dann konnte beliebiger Mensch die Webadresse frei anmelden. Ehemals war thespicemustflow-de wirklich eine ziemlich gut besuchte Webseite.

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Spice was a drug that basically the entire universe used and was dependent on but was only found on one planet. Created all kinds of issues such as wars and politics, but the saying went, no matter who was in charge of the planet, no matter who was fight who for the control of it… the spice must flow.

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A beginning is a very delicate time. Know then that it is the year 10,191. The Known Universe is ruled by the Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV, my father. In this time, the most precious substance in the universe is the spice Melange. The spice extends life. The spice expands consciousness. The spice is vital to space travel.

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No. The words … „The spice must flow“ … don’t appear in any of the original series novels. The expression appears to come from the 1984 film. LISTEN TO ME!! The spice must flow… the spice has given me accelerated evolution for four thousand years… it has enabled you to live two hundred years… the spice helps make …

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Piter De Vries: It is by will alone I set my mind in motion. … Planet Kaitain, Home of the Emperor of the Known Universe. Send a third-stage Guild Navigator to Kaitain to demand details from the Emperor. The Spice must flow. …. Piter De Vries: As you instructed me, I have enlightened your nephews concerning my plan.